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About Me:
An English songwriter living in France.

I'm presently looking for new collaborations. Contact me if Interested.

Styles : Jazzy, Folk, Blues, Accoustic, Rock, etc.

Lyrics : French and/or English

Translation : Possible.
Home Town : Grenoble - Collaboration via internet possible.

All songs; Copyright © Stephen William Rowe. All rights reserved.

Stephen William Rowe

Original Songs - Chansons Inédites
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All songs/toutes les chansons: Copyright © Stephen William Rowe. All rights reserved.
 Original Songs - Chansons Inédites - Jazzy - Blues - Rock - Folk - Acoustic - Lovesongs - Sad Songs - Chansons à Texte .
Where Are You - Lovesong
Can't Have Me - Blues
Persona non Gratta - Jazzy
Can't You Hear Me
When You're Near - Folk
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About Collaborating with me
For information about collaborating with me click here
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Destin - jazzy
Quand L'Orage Eclate
Le Mot de Trop
Will the Sun Rise