Stephen William Rowe

All songs/toutes les chansons: Copyright © Stephen William Rowe. All rights reserved.

L’ensemble de mes prestations sont entièrement gratuites, car ma motivation est de faire connaître mon travail de composition.

Parfois les chanteurs viennent chez moi pour enregistrer.
Parfois ils enregistrent avec leurs propres moyens, puis m’envoient les fichiers de leur voix.
Avec ces fichiers, j’effectue le mixage et la mastérisation. De plus, j’assemble le son avec leur clip vidéo s’ils ont fait un.
Après cela, ils sont libres d’utiliser le résultat de la collaboration, comme ils le souhaitent, sur Youtube, Facebook, Soundcloud, Instagram etc.
Dès qu’il n’y a pas d’exploitation commerciale il n’y a donc pas de besoin d’informer la SACEM qui gère mes chansons.
Notez, que je démarre les collaborations par adapter la tonalité à la tessiture du chanteur.
I'm an English songwriter living in France.
I write lyrics in English and in French.

If you'd like to record a single or an album of originals songs and are inspired by any of my compositions, please contact me via email.
All the songs on the site are available.
My motivation is simply to get my work as a composer recognised, and this explains why all my services are entirely free of charge.
Sometimes singers come and record at my small studio, but often we work by exchanging audio files via internet.
I send the audio file of the song required, with and without the vocal line.
We then determine together the best key for the singer and I modify the music so that the artist can create an optimal performance.
Once recorded, the singer sends me the audio files of the vocals and of any backing vocals he/she wants to add.
With these I mix the song and make a finalised version, which we discuss and modify if required.
The singer is then free to use the song for publicity on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Soundcloud etc, making sure that my name as composer is added.
As long as the use is non-commercial, there are no limits.
If the singer prepares a video clip, I also mix in the completed song, to create a great-sounding clip.
Collaboration avec moi
Collaborating with me
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