1939: In wartime France, a wealthy businessman converts his fortune into gold and hides it from the occupying forces.


2009: Tax evasion specialists are striving to recover five hundred billion euros, illegally stashed away in secret accounts.

The owners of many of these have died without heirs.

An occult organisation is transferring ownership of these orphaned accounts to themselves.


2010: French tax fraud specialists plan to use the hidden gold as bait to draw this secret organisation out into the open.


Today: A ruthless criminal gets wind of the gold.

Then a scientist says the wrong thing, in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

He accidentally becomes the perfect, but unwitting, BAIT. 

This adventure starts near Arundel Castle in England and continues in the Vercors mountains near Grenoble, in France.


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Stephen William ROWE
A story of Adventure and Suspense. A Thriller :
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