South Of the Loire
Devils Rock
Can't Have Me (Blues)
Can't You Hear Me call
You Say
Shooting Stars
I Don't Care
When the Storm Breaks
The Ultimatum
Will the Sun Rise
Not A Lovesong
When You're Near
Songwriter / Auteur - Compositeur

Stephen William Rowe

Wake Up
No Power on Earth
One Two Three Four
Pots of Money
Hold Me
The Words I Need
Where Can I Turn
Jazzy / Blues
Lovesongs / Sad
Folk / Acoustic
Pop / Old School
Persona Non Grata GB
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The Word That Hurts
Can't Have Me (Rock)
Just For Me
If Only For a Moment
Happens Every Day
Hold You Head Up
Wait a While
How Many Times
Wrong Again 2
Where Are You Now
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About Moonlight
I Will Never Fall
Original Songs - Chansons Inédites
Shake Me
James Bond Song 1
James Bond Song 2
When You're Away
All songs/toutes les chansons: Copyright © Stephen William Rowe. All rights reserved.
 Original Songs - Chansons Inédites - Jazzy - Blues - Rock - Folk - Acoustic - Lovesongs - Sad Songs - Chansons à Texte .
Black and Blue
Hold You Head Up
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